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Internet Tethering

Started by: jaydrury
On: 27/11/2011 | 23:28
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by: jaydrury
on: 27/11/2011 | 23:28

Is internet tethering included in the £10 goodybag or will it incur extra charges if I use it. I am only planning to use it to share my phones 3g to my tablet for occasional browsing and sending documents via email.

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by: mgb2
on: 27/11/2011 | 23:29

not allowed on goodybags at all

only with gigabags

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by: billys
on: 27/11/2011 | 23:29

Only Gigabags allow thethering

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by: giffgafful
on: 27/11/2011 | 23:29

You are not allowed to tether on the £10 goodybag. You need a gigabag for this, but this cannot be used in combination with a goodybag on the same SIM, so you would need a separate SIM.

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by: johnferris
on: 27/11/2011 | 23:29
No you cant tether with goodybags only with the gigabags
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by: stephenmiller
on: 27/11/2011 | 23:29

No it's not, you might find yourself in trouble if you do. You can tether with a gigabag or pay as you go credit though

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 27/11/2011 | 23:31 edited: 28/11/2011 | 00:07

no sorry m8 you cant  only gigabags allow teetherig unless  your tablet makes/receives calls then yes goody bag  if not you need a gigabag

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by: philiplittle40
on: 27/11/2011 | 23:32
Not included, and no additional charge available if using a £10 goodybag. Can either use a gigabag or payg (if using a goodybag for phone use then either of these options will require a second sim/account)
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by: mzone
on: 27/11/2011 | 23:34
If your tablet makes/receives calls then yes if not you need a gigabag Smiley Wink
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by: jonmc95
on: 27/11/2011 | 23:35

You can only tether with gigabags;




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