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Internet age restriction

Started by: mclovin4
On: 21/11/2010 | 23:48
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by: funkylogik
on: 22/11/2010 | 02:10
Think u need a credit card to remove age o2 age restriction or go in2 o2 shop with i.d. Didnt realise gg had age restriction though. Make sure u dont have google safe search turned on. As for opera, id recommend it to everyone simply because it is rapid, realy realy fast compared to most mobile default browsers. P.s jonmc, when i was on either o2 or orange (cant remember) opera mini wouldnt work on my phone until i got age restriction lifted
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by: davegr
on: 22/11/2010 | 02:28

I've seen this question asked a few times on the forum recently. Perhaps it would be a good idea to add a content lock switch to the web interface for those who have already topped up or regularly pay using a credit card?

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by: wap3r
on: 30/11/2010 | 12:57

other good browsers are ucweb(.jar s40 n 60 aswell and windows mobile) uzard(java/flash windows mobile)  bolt(.jar jar s40 n 60)

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by: wap3r
on: 21/12/2010 | 03:46
dont do https:// cuz it messes up you internet just comes up with a download from o2 witelist one
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by: rogerbhx
on: 01/02/2011 | 13:41

I'm getting into a ridiculous loop. I went to log in  on a web site I am registered on but received a message:



"Sorry....but this site is for over 18's"

and told if I wanted view the it to "contact the support team from"


OK - so I lo in to giffgaff and send an email  & my email is acknowledged.



Then get an email:


We are continuing to work on your issue. To provide more information, click the following link or paste it into your web browser.




OK I log in and visit the page, see what the good giffgaff technical people may wish to know - anxious to assist any way I can but . . .

"Permission Denied

You do not have permission to access this document."

So now I'm not allowed to answer questions about my own complaint . . .  Smiley Surprised

I email back saying this is a rediculous situation and guess what . . . .

"Thanks for contacting the giffgaff team. Please see the response below. "

And that responce being:

If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days."



How ~@%& . . . am I supposed to that ???  Smiley Mad

Oh! and I still can't access my web site!!

( . . . and giffgaff want me them recomend them to my friends . . Smiley Very Happy   )

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by: da1000
on: 01/02/2011 | 13:48

@rogerbhx: There are some other ways to get any age restrictions removed you can go to the link i posted below, you can go into any o2 shop with some id (to prove your over 18) and your phone and they will do it there, or depending on what phone you have you can download opera webbrowser and that will bypass any age restriction Smiley Wink

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by: david_mc
on: 01/02/2011 | 15:47



In this instance please raise a case with an agent and one of the team will investigate your issue.


Kind Regards

David McLaughlin
Handy giff-staffer

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by: rogerbhx
on: 06/02/2011 | 10:43

Thank you for wishing to assist on this but may I respectfully point out that while orange made the phone it is not Orange blocking me - but giffgaff . . . and also giffgaff who appear unable to communicate sensibly with its own customers!

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by: rogerbhx
on: 06/02/2011 | 10:58

Thank you David for your concern and guidance. I have submitted a query as you suggested.


If this is the recommended procedure in this situation why does the restriction notice state it.


"Sorry....but this site is for over 18's

contact the support team from"

This is not helpful - especially for those of us new to giffgaff. Why not display the link you gave instead?

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by: mariamparveen123
on: 06/02/2011 | 15:14
you have to contact an egent with your date of birth they would do it within a few days.
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