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Internet doesn't work on iPhone 4!

Started by: chloereayy
On: 31/03/2011 | 20:42
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by: chloereayy
on: 31/03/2011 | 20:42

My internet will not work on my iPhone 4 unless in a wifi area, I have tried resetting the settings as said to do so, and it won't reset, instead it keeps the current settings.  Does anyone know what I need to do to be able to get internet on my phone, like the goodybag chosen said I should be able to!.....

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by: aks782
on: 31/03/2011 | 20:43
Follow this;

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by: safe_1996
on: 31/03/2011 | 20:45
you may have a data bar, contact an agent.
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by: dariocrosier
on: 31/03/2011 | 20:47

have you tried entering them manually and or resetting your iphone on itunes (Remember to back up files)

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by: tortoiseshell
on: 31/03/2011 | 20:57

I suggest you first of all reset your network settings, like this:


Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings


and then you'll need to enter the giffgafff APN details from HERE.

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by: sinead_d
on: 01/04/2011 | 09:24

Hi chloereayy


I have taken a look at your account and can confirm that you do not have a data bar


You will need to ensure that your settings have been adjusted accordingly


Sorry for any inconvenience


Kind Regards

Sinead Diver
Handy giffgaff staffer

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by: kadhim
on: 01/04/2011 | 11:08

reset your network setting and put the setting back in, beware dont reset the settings to factory settings if your phone is jailbroken because it will take te iphone in to a reboot loop, and then you will have to restore it from itunes.

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by: azzy223
on: 01/04/2011 | 11:26



First of all, go into settings > general > network > mobile data network 


Go alllllll the way to the bottom and click "reset settings" 


Now from fresh enter the settings exactly as here: 


Cellular Data

APN Username Password giffgaff password


Visual Voicemail

Please note: Visual voicemail isn’t available on giffgaff, but you may wish to add these settings to your iPhone anyway.


Username - giffgaff

Password password




Username - giffgaff

Password - password


MMS Proxy -

Max Message Size - 307200

MMS UA Prof URL - [blank]

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