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Internet not working.

Started by: sumy123
On: 31/07/2012 | 18:30
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by: ivor_clue
on: 09/09/2015 | 15:12
Hi, you can find out your id by using forgot username and password. It will ask you for your phone number, and a question such as mothers maiden name. You will recieve a text with or an email and it will ask you to change your password.

Or you could just speak to an agent if the above dont work. I may have miss read what is going on so bare with me I will get back to you if anything different.
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by: danhamman
on: 13/11/2017 | 15:14

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by: uzich93
on: 22/01/2019 | 01:00

Hi I topped up 20 pounds and bought a goody bag via top voucher by calling 43430 on my my Giffgaff app it says goody bag active 20gb etc but my WhatsApp isn't sending messages plus my Google internet keeps going to Giffgaff buy website it's been 20 minutes since I've bought the goody bag it says it's active how long does it take to work?

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