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Internet not working

Started by: dsingh15
On: 02/05/2015 | 08:04
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by: dsingh15
on: 02/05/2015 | 08:04
I have bought a new galaxy S3Duos and giffgaff sim not working for internet despite mobile data switch on and trying various apn setups.Kindly help.
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by: mathew40
on: 02/05/2015 | 08:05
Hi there @dsingh15
Please firstly check out this fantastic guide here

If you have access to wifi,there is the giffgaff APN app available in your 'google play store 'that should help you to fix your APN "settings" .
If you would like to go to your google play store and get the giffgaff APN app,simply click onto either of the links below.

If you would like to install your "settings"manually.

Go to "settings"

More "settings"

Wireless and networks.

Mobile networks.

Access point names.

Tap the menu key.

Select new APN.

(Type in this information).


APN-giffgaff. com


Password-leave blank


MMS proxy

MMS port-8080



Authentication type -PAP

Press the menu key,then SAVE apn.
Tick the apn,and you will see the green light,you now should be set up for internet and mms.
Also make sure that your "mobile data" is enabled or packet data,then simply turn your device OFF and On again.

Please remember that mms are 16p each to send and are NOT free or part of ANY goodybag allowancesSmiley Wink.
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by: formulaone
on: 02/05/2015 | 08:08

@dsingh15 wrote:
I have bought a new galaxy S3Duos and giffgaff sim not working for internet despite mobile data switch on and trying various apn setups.Kindly help.




Thanks for visiting the community forum!


Firstly, Ensure that you do actually have an active goodybag or airtime credit available on your account.


From your handset:


  • Dial *100*7# to check your goodybag allowance
  • Dial *100# to check your remaining airtime credit balance


Check your dashboard page to ensure that your goodybag or airtime credit is still available and is showing on your account here:


You can also check your order history page, That it's reading as 'Order delivered' here:


To install the required (APN) settings for your device and to enable for your internet connection to work with giffgaff's network, Please refer to the given links for your reference here:


Ensure that any WIFI connection has been turned off and your mobile packet data connection is enabled within your notifcations area, If your unable to create your own APN and save this as the default APN with the required giffgaff settings, Then, Try and edit an O2UK APN and then save, Make sure that the correct APN has been selected and that the green circle is appearing, And restart, Once you see a 3G/H symbol appear on your screen, You have completed the correct procedure.


This can usually be found on your handset, Under - Settings - More, Wireless and Network Connections - Mobile Networks - And then goto 'Access Point Names' - If required, You might then need to click onto the 'cross' in the top right corner of your handsets screen, To add the NEW apn,


If you've just purchased your goodybag or airtime credit on your account, Then, Give your phone a restart, This will allow for either to kick in and begin to work,


Download the giffgaff app from the google play store, Which you can install the APN settings via the app here:


Internet 'NOT' working guide here:


Watch this tutorial video on youtube which will guide you through setting up your APN settings here:


Check your coverage for any local mast faults or maintenance that perhaps are being carried out within your location:


Check O2'S live status checker for any local phone mast faults here:


You could try and perform a manual roam procedure, This will refresh your connection to the network:


If any of that doesn't work for you, This is 'related' and 'referring' to a samsung galaxy S4 mini, However, Providing your 'APN' settings consist of the 'same layout' on your Android phone - Then I would suggest that you give this a chance on the following link provided here:


(If your phone is auto SETUP to giffgaff when the sim is inserted, Ensure that you don't select the GIFFGAFF apn) When resetting your APN settings to 'default' as mentioned in '2' on the above given link, Ensure that you select the O2 Pay and go (APN) and then ADD the giffgaff APN settings manually



Kind Regards

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by: natty88
on: 02/05/2015 | 08:13
is your phone on the 02 network or unlocked to take any sim if not wont work with giffgaff . if is try settings . .Hello an welcome my friend . . . . . . . this great settings guide will fully explain how to set up your internet an mms on your device they include settings for. . Iphones ..tablets . .blackberry . .nokia . sony . ect . . check all 6 pages of settings . . .. . robothappy:
or if you have an android phone you may want to try here for settings which would help . . run it an select option 2 to install settings for you Smiley Happy . . .
also try this link . . IF RUNNING JELLYBEAN..
. .
or here . . also remember to click save after inserting your settings and restart phone also check TO see your number an balances if have any
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by: kerrieanne
on: 02/05/2015 | 08:13
Hi is the phone you bought unlocked or locked to O2? If it's not you will need to get it unlocked before the sim will register in the phone
If I helped click ''solutions and kudos'' thanks.

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by: mufc2011
on: 02/05/2015 | 11:28

These settings work on almost any mobile
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