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Internet settings - samsung galaxy s3

Started by: samantha803
On: 19/09/2012 | 21:38
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by: samantha803
on: 19/09/2012 | 21:38

i'm stumped. I did not receive a message on connection ie text message


whenever i try to scan networks i don't get giff gaff only o2


if i select automatic i only get o2


if i go to acess points i only get 02 pay & go internet as my only option


how do i get this to work
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by: sam1128
on: 19/09/2012 | 21:41
Select O2 pay and go !

Change settings manually :

Android STEP by STEP guide:

Go to ‘Settings’.
Then go to ‘Wireless & networks’.
Continue go to ‘Mobile Networks’.
Then ‘Access Point Names’
Click the Menu button’
Then select ‘New APN’

Connection Name: giffgaff
Username: giffgaff
Password: password

Turn on off airplane mode thats it !

Thanks !

See pic for snap shot :
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by: gaffout
on: 19/09/2012 | 21:42
O2 is correct as Giffgaff runs on the O2 network.

See here for Samsung Galaxy S3 manual settings

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by: samantha803
on: 19/09/2012 | 22:08

sorry this does not work for the samsung galaxy s3
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by: scaramouch
on: 19/09/2012 | 22:22
these s3 settings came from my s3

gg proxy settings can cause some apps to malfuntion like ebay can't list sell , read feedback , read messages

dropbox won't load pic stuck in load mode
if u get any of these problems

then delete proxy settings then apps should work ok they did on my s3
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by: bluff40
on: 19/09/2012 | 23:11
Just follow this link:
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