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Invalid SIM ?! :(

Started by: daynahowen
On: 28/12/2013 | 22:34
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by: daynahowen
on: 28/12/2013 | 22:34

So the issue is that my iphone 4 is locked to O2 and when I put the giffgaff sim in, with my goody bag on it, it says invalid sim and it won't work. Or it says no service. It is 100% certainly locked to O2 and came from an apple store, donated for an auction a couple of years ago. but on my phone it won't let me see the phone number either, even though on this site it shows my number so is seemingly active. Also I have tried changing the mobile data (I think it's called) and mms to and I have tried turning flight mode on and off and I have restarted my phone a lot but nothing's working. I cannot sync with itunes as has been suggested on the forum as I don't have a laptop or computer anymore. Would really appriciate some help. Thanks so much guys
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by: jjrutt
on: 28/12/2013 | 22:45
What an settings do you have installed.
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by: daynahowen
on: 28/12/2013 | 22:52
What settings do you mean & how do I find them?
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by: elbubsio
on: 28/12/2013 | 23:00



I know you've said you are, but are you SURE the phone is locked to O2?  How have you verified this?  It's just that apple stores are pretty much the only place you can get iPhones that don't lock to their first network.  You also say it was a donation to an auction at an apple store, but maybe it came from somewhere else?!


The only other thing I can think of is maybe it's a faulty SIM or not yet fully activated.  Activations have been slow over the last couple of days due to that pesky christmas thing Smiley Happy  If you only joined yesterday, this is quite likely.  Can you try the SIM in another unlocked phone to verify it works.  That would be helpful in solving this Smiley Happy


Hope that helps Smiley Wink

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by: bruno00
on: 29/12/2013 | 07:36
1. go to settings-general-about on your iPhone. You should be able to see who is your original network provider there.
2. if it is o2 go to to check if your IMEI (dial *#06#) is not on the blacklist. If it is you cannot use your phone in the UK.
3. if it is not blacklisted and locked to o2 but you still cannot use it check your modem firmware (settings-general-about) if it is 06.15 your phone was jailbroken in the past modem firmware needs to be downgraded via Redsn0w (you do need to have pc or laptop to do that)
4. I have been switching sim card around and they pick signal withuot synchronising with iTunes so I do not think it is a big factor (but it may be)
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by: daynahowen
on: 29/12/2013 | 11:13
Yeah in the about settings it says O2 UK. And under carrier it says O2. When I first got the phone about a year and a half ago I went to an O2 shop to ask if I could change it to orange and they told me it was locked to O2. I mean it would be so much easier if it was locked to something else as now I've got no idea what the problem is and I really wanted to use giffgaff as it's such a good value. Just confused why O2 works but giffgaff doesn't. Smiley Sad thanks for all your help! I can't think of anyone it know that doesn't have a 5, so a different sim, or an unlocked phone. Smiley Sad I've ordered a new sim incase it's faulty so I'll give it a few days and try that one!
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