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Iphone 4 - Mobile Data - NOT WORKING!!

Started by: dcheung87
On: 07/11/2012 | 20:06
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by: dcheung87
on: 07/11/2012 | 20:06

Hi all,


So basically my mobile data connection doesn't work even with 3G on, and hasn't done since yesterday afternoon around 1pm.


I've tried doing the "reset settings" inputting the username/password etc. several times as well as turning off/on the phone but to no avail... ><


Even tried removing the APN carrier profile and installing again by texting 2020 and installing using the link and re-doing the above steps, but yet again nothing happens.


Wi-Fi works still at least...


My top-up happens on the 5th of every month, and I'm aware there was a change in the Internet allowance from 6th November for £10 goodybag (which is what I'm using at the moment).


I've also messaged an agent so waiting for response from them, but just thought I'd post here as well to see if anyone else has a similar issue to mine?





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by: mary282
on: 07/11/2012 | 20:06
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by: sairaadnan
on: 07/11/2012 | 20:07

try again


delete any profile in Settings>General>Profile (I think that's where profile is) and enter the APN settings again! Restart then it should work

Enter these settings into your iPhone

For IOS 5 or Lower
Select Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network (or Mobile Data Network)

For IOS 6
Select settings> general > Cellular data or Mobile data > mobile data network ( **cellular data settings **)>

Cellular Data
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
Visual Voicemail
leave blank as giffgaff do not provide it
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MMS proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: 2097152
MMS UA Prof URL: leave blank
Once you have manually entered these settings restart the Iphone and you should be on your way!

Click on Yellow Star on your left or 'Accept as Solution' If I have helped
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by: deanoz999
on: 07/11/2012 | 20:09

This is so fustrating. this has happened to many people and all we keep getting in reply is people saying about apn settings. this is clearly a bug with the top up and not our phones


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by: dcheung87
on: 07/11/2012 | 20:10
Just wondering, if I delete the profile, do I need to text 2020 and reinstall and apply the giffgaff profile again??

I'm guessing I do. That's what I did previously.

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by: dalan
on: 07/11/2012 | 20:10
Have you checked the network status in your area.
Poor Network / No Signal Received
Have a read of

O2 Status and Coverage
Check the O2 status and coverage:

O2 status:
O2 coverage:

A quick restart and/or a reboot of the device can help you get reception on your phone. If these don't help then sometimes you may need to restore the device to factory settings (how it was when you took it out of the box) but then you will need to reinput your internet settings.

Airplane/Offline Mode
Turning the device into airplane/offline mode and back into normal mode can, a lot of the time, get you a bar or two of reception in bad coverage areas but also full reception if it just a temporary network issue!

If it helps,
Feel free to use this post at a later date
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by: nate37
on: 07/11/2012 | 20:10

have you checked in my giffgaff whether your goodybag is still showing the correct data allowance? some people have found their's has been set to zero over the last couple of days. -  If this is so then you need to let the agents know this so they can fix it.

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by: dcheung87
on: 07/11/2012 | 20:12
Yep, have done this already...

Coverage and status is fine...
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by: dcheung87
on: 07/11/2012 | 20:14
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