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Iphone 5 shows 3G but no data working on phone

Started by: mjg1981
On: 02/11/2012 | 13:30
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by: mjg1981
on: 02/11/2012 | 13:30

For the last 2 days my Iphone 5 has been showing the 3G symbol but whenever I try to use data the wheel spins round and round with nothing happening.


I have already:

  • Checked I have credit - I have a goodybag running
  • Checked the data settings - I have deleted these and re-entered them a couple of times
  • Removed and re-inserted the SIM
  • Updated the Iphone software to 6.0.1
  • Rebooted the phone 
  • Tried to switch 3G off and use just 2G, there is no data in 2G either


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by: mjg1981
on: 02/11/2012 | 22:36
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Took the phone back to apple who replaced it, all is now well!  Very odd!

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by: morvin
on: 02/11/2012 | 13:31
Check status
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by: adscan
on: 02/11/2012 | 13:31
If your data settings are correct and you have a current goodybag then it should work. Fault with the phone?
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by: hcovell
on: 02/11/2012 | 13:33
have you got signal???

check it here

@morvin - it may just be my computer but it seems that the link you gave doesn't work anymore

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by: mjg1981
on: 02/11/2012 | 13:35

I have full service and can make calls etc.  The phone shows 3G in the top left but there is still no internet.

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by: bigdave2010
on: 02/11/2012 | 13:39

after you updated to iso6 did you input the settings again cause it wipes them totaly  so you will need to install them again go here 

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by: mjg1981
on: 02/11/2012 | 13:42

Yes -  I have re-inputed the settings 2 or 3 times since the update.

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by: allan1954
on: 02/11/2012 | 13:44
Have you checked O2 signal checker your area.
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by: mjg1981
on: 02/11/2012 | 13:46

Checked the signal checker, I travleed 2-3hrs by car yestarday and it did not work wherever I was.

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