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Is GIFFGAFF a scam?

Started by: artdmills
On: 03/04/2011 | 11:41
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by: artdmills
on: 03/04/2011 | 11:41

I've got friends who I recommended to GiffGaff who also had problems initially when they added their credit AND choose a Goody Bag.

They simply added an extra £10 to their account and got on with it.

But I object to GiffGaff showing me that the £10 Goody Bag has been choosen and will soon be activated and then NOT ACTUALLY activating it.

If GiffGaff do that to 1 million people then that's an easy £10 million in the bank.

Reckon that some of the national newspapers could be interested in testing this out themselves and then reporting.

Very disappointed that GiffGaff haven't honoured their side of the deal. Had a witness when activated my account and choose a £10 Goody Bag last Friday (April 1) as heard bad feedback from my two pals.

No way should I be getting charged for my texts as the £10 Goody Bag said on screen (computer) that it was selected and would be activated.

My balance has only gone down as a result of GiffGaff's error - NOT MINE.

Have never had a problem with Mobile Operators before - Vodafone, Virgin, Orange+T-Mobile in UK - and at the various places I've worked in the past (Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean etc.)

Very disappointed by GiffGaff so far.


Is it all a scam to get money out of innocent people?



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by: andreww
on: 03/04/2011 | 11:42 edited: 03/04/2011 | 11:44

No it isn't and we'll be happy to help you get this - and any other difficulties in the future - sorted out. Smiley Happy


On this occasion as it seems account related you will need to contact an agent and explain what has happened so they can take a look. Use this link:

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by: trudiw
on: 03/04/2011 | 11:43
Have you contacted an agent and told them about your problem ?
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by: thinkpad
on: 03/04/2011 | 11:45
Agents are the only people who can assist in this matter as it is account related.
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by: trudiw
on: 03/04/2011 | 11:46
Just read your previous thread and see that you did get a reply from an agent, did that not sort it ?
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by: shuaib
on: 03/04/2011 | 11:46

if it was a scam it wouldnt have such a large community? You've probably just found an error in the system

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by: gawright
on: 03/04/2011 | 11:49 edited: 03/04/2011 | 11:54

Usually this is because people have chosen a £10 topup not a goodybag. If this is not what happened to you then, as others have said you, need to contact an agent. If it is giffgaff's fault I'm sure they will refund anything that should not have been charged. It certainly isn't a scam.

If you choose a £10 goodybag and £10 topup you would be charged £20 in total.

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by: freeyourself
on: 03/04/2011 | 11:50

I think it is a scam, i bought a 25 quid goodybag and i have to wait till 27th of april before i can use it???


if thats not a good money earner ripping off their customers i dont know what is. So now i have to use cash credit till my voucher is activated!


If this is what they are up to why dont they make this stuff crystal clear to the buyer before they commit to buy?


A simple message like "please be aware that you wont be able to start using your goodybag till 27th of april. Any calls you make untill that time will be taken from any cash creadit you have!"


Why do they wait till you have bought it and are trying to use it till you find out? Its a scam everybody, sorry.


Im going back to threepay... well done giffgaff, you have upset me a lot coz i now have to tell everyone i am going back to my old provider, how embarrasing... and i now have no money to buy any more credit so i again cannot make any calls because of some company small print scam that only the seller knows about.


Really poor show giffgaff    shame on you!!!

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by: hairyface82
on: 03/04/2011 | 11:51

contact an agent again

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by: trudiw
on: 03/04/2011 | 11:53
@freeyourself why cant you use until 27 April do you already have a goody bag in use ?
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