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Is giff gaff to giff gaff free in france??

Started by: paulaoc
On: 24/12/2013 | 17:09
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by: paulaoc
on: 24/12/2013 | 17:09

what is the pricing for texting and calling other giff gaff users when we are all in France on holiday? There seem to be different answers from the community - is it free or not??

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by: natty88
on: 24/12/2013 | 17:11
no m8 free giff calls are uk only
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by: j_s
on: 24/12/2013 | 17:11
its not free its just like calling any network. check
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by: 02_master
on: 24/12/2013 | 17:12

its not free

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by: laura524
on: 24/12/2013 | 17:12

no sorry it is not

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by: beezer60
on: 24/12/2013 | 17:12
Not free if either (or both) of you is roaming
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by: kevgaxx
on: 24/12/2013 | 17:13
You will all pay if in France. giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts are not free for the user who is abroad. The normal roaming rates apply for making/receiving calls etc. Receiving texts is always free.

A giffgaff user in the UK still gets free giffgaff calls and texts to another giffgaff user, wherever the other person is.

Prices here if roaming -

More here about free giffgaff to giffgaff calls abroad -
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by: addy123456
on: 24/12/2013 | 17:13
no its not.
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by: islandstifle
on: 24/12/2013 | 17:22

Not free I'm afraid; the person making any calls will pay 24p a minute and the person receiving pays 7p a minute. Texts are 8p to send and free to receive. Make sure you all have airtime credit and switch data roaming off on your phones as this will tear your credit to shreds.

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by: beguma27
on: 24/12/2013 | 17:33

its not free it costs

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