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Just put in sim mobile says network lock shows picture of phone dialing says ok to left and sos to t

Started by: stanley6789
On: 15/09/2016 | 15:20
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by: stanley6789
on: 15/09/2016 | 15:20

As above just put in sim says network lock shows phone dialing and ok to left sos to right 

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by: nigelbrooks
on: 15/09/2016 | 15:21



Is your phone actually unlocked (or at least locked to O2)? Even an unactivated giffgaff SIM will display signal bars/dots.
No signal bars is a pretty clear sign that the phone is still locked to another network.

Have you tried / can you please try the SIM in another (unlocked) phone? If it works then the phone is still locked.


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by: stanley6789
on: 15/09/2016 | 15:33

Thankyou for the reply l can get it sorted now l know the problem

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by: jonschneider
on: 15/09/2016 | 15:35
Likely your phone isn't unlocked.
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