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Started by: mrcharles
On: 15/10/2010 | 07:55
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by: mrcharles
on: 15/10/2010 | 07:55

I have noticed that mobile (an iphone) keeps attempting to connect to BTOpenZone. This cause a loss of internet access. I have wi-fi setting to forget this network on numerous ocaasions but I keeping get reconnected to it. Does any one have any suggestions

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by: soldiers33
on: 15/10/2010 | 08:00
Can't you clear the wifi devices? So all your scanned and saved connections are removed. Then try setting it to ignore again. Sometimes I get issues like that on my phone.
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by: kelvinlewis
on: 15/10/2010 | 08:02

You should be able to go to Settings/Wifi, then select the BTOpenZone  network and then select "Forget this Network"

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by: crazylegs
on: 15/10/2010 | 08:05
You could try turning known networks off.
And just join networks manually, otherwise with known networks on the iPhone always tries to connect to the nearest networks, it's a pain I know!

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by: mrcharles
on: 15/10/2010 | 10:43

Thanks for the answers..

I already have the solution mentioned.

you are correct  it is not the best thing in  the world.



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