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Lifting 18+ restriction

Started by: oconnell88
On: 24/06/2012 | 15:31
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by: oconnell88
on: 24/06/2012 | 15:31

Hope someone can help . . .


I do not have a driving licence or passport, so have tried contact an agent, but none of the links work, I just keep getting sent back to my dashboard.


Any ideas please?


Many thanks,


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by: dearoldgranny
on: 24/06/2012 | 15:32
Help in removing the adult restrictions on giffgaff: Smiley Happy
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by: bonusball
on: 24/06/2012 | 15:32
I have asked the eds to fix your links

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by: mickf
on: 24/06/2012 | 15:32

Contact an Educator to fix the link:

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by: sam1128
on: 24/06/2012 | 15:32
Educators :

I'll contact the educators to fix links for you ..

( If you are on mobile see grey line after link you'll see all the online educators )
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by: pascal94
on: 24/06/2012 | 15:38

contact teh edcuators to fix your links 

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by: rihaz
on: 24/06/2012 | 15:40
go on my giffgaff and then u should find it
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by: badgerhud
on: 24/06/2012 | 15:43

There are 2 ways to remove your Adult Restriction:

1) Via your giffgaff Phone Settings (Using Passport or Driving Licence, however many users have issues with this):

2) Ask An Agent, to contact the Agents:

The Agents can take up to 7 DAYS to remove the bar

*** You can no longer go into o2 shops and have this removed BTW***
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by: t_will
community giff-staffer

on: 24/06/2012 | 17:41
Thanks for flagging this to us, everyone!

oconnell88, I've looked into it for you and your agent links should now work fine, so you can now ask them about this in My giffgaff.

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