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Little Confused with this ratesetter thing?

Started by: horrorbones
On: 01/04/2014 | 18:00
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by: horrorbones
on: 01/04/2014 | 18:00

Just gone through all the trouble of trying to order a phone with GiffGaff to come to a page 


which just says "Sorry.....
RateSetter will contact you within the next working day to confirm your loan approval."


How are they going to contact me? Through mobile? Through E-Mail? If get accepted and the phone i chose is then out of stock what happens? I mean, its all good saying their going to contact me but i'd much rather it told me what is happening... 




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by: nigelbrooks
on: 01/04/2014 | 18:02

Normally by e-mail to confirm or decline your loan request within 24 hours of application.


Hope this helps.

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by: horrorbones
on: 01/04/2014 | 18:04
Thanks I guess that kind of helps, not sure if I entered by GiffGaff e-mail related address or my other e-mail, also if I am accepted do you know how I continue on with the whole deal that I was doing? or will i have to go through ratesetter complete seperate? Smiley Indifferent Thanks.
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by: natty88
on: 01/04/2014 | 18:05
It will be via email an should also show on your my giffgaff page as approved or declined
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by: horrorbones
on: 01/04/2014 | 18:10
Where would i find this informaton sorry natty? My GiffGaff Page has nothing about it as far as I can see, only about the new sim i ordered recently being dispatched.
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