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Locked phone.

Started by: viscount2173
On: 28/08/2013 | 10:43
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by: viscount2173
on: 28/08/2013 | 10:43

My phone was lost about 4 weeks ago and Giff Gaff had the phone locked. It was returned a few days later and i've asked giffgaff numerous times to unlock the handset because i need it for work. They will not do anything for me, is there anyone i can speak to over the phone to help me, please!.

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by: ipad2sim
on: 28/08/2013 | 10:45
Ask a agent to give you a ring to discuss things .

Enjoy giffgaff :-)
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by: dalan
on: 28/08/2013 | 10:46
Sorry, there are no numbers to call on gg.
Only the agents can help you with this matter.

Keep on to the agents, is all you can do.
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by: lpsetterfield
on: 28/08/2013 | 10:46
I think that you can only contact an agent.
If you go to they should be able to help you further.
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by: endorphin
on: 28/08/2013 | 10:47
I'm surprised the agents won't do anything for you! See if an educator can help your case along.

Go here and keep clicking "Get me an Educator" until you find one who is online
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by: xollobru
on: 28/08/2013 | 10:47 edited: 28/08/2013 | 10:53


You will have to contact an agent which you can do using the link on the left hand side of your My giffgaff page in the 'messages from agents' section, they may take up to 24 hours to reply. 

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by: pablo7
on: 28/08/2013 | 10:48
Contact an agent too see what you can do - there may be some possibilities
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by: nosherfj
on: 28/08/2013 | 10:50

Hi sorry to hear you are having problems. Glad you found your phone in the end.


Lost both my phone and SIM card

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To tell us both your phone and SIM have been lost or stolen:


  1. Log in
  2. Go to Help > Lost & stolen to load the Lost & stolen form
  3. Select to bar your phone and SIM
  4. Select the most appropriate of the following options (detailed below): SIM Swap or Order a SIM replacement

       NB If you want to bar your phone you should NOT choose the SIM Swap option.


The above is taken from -


When you say they won't do anything for you please can you explain what you mean ? What is there reason for not helping?

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by: thewww
on: 28/08/2013 | 10:50
make sure you are asking them to unblock the phone as unlock and unblock are different things
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