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Lost Sim

Started by: imrane
On: 07/12/2011 | 23:46
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by: imrane
on: 07/12/2011 | 23:46

iv lost my sim card which iv just topped up on, how could i get a replacement?

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by: maryam22
on: 07/12/2011 | 23:48
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by: greenman
on: 07/12/2011 | 23:48
Report it lost/stolen in Help page and you'll get a replacement along with any credit you had.
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by: azizulhaque
on: 07/12/2011 | 23:48

Get a replacement -

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by: pjr
on: 07/12/2011 | 23:49
I would imagine you would have to contact an agent. Not sure what will happen regarding the money on the lost sim. Hope you get it sorted.
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