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Lost my sim card with my number

Started by: cimus
On: 15/09/2012 | 10:14
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by: cimus
on: 15/09/2012 | 10:14 edited: 15/09/2012 | 11:01

Hallo,my name is Andrejs Doba and i lost my mobiloe phone with my previous number *** could you help me please now what can i do to get same number what i use before i lost it. What can i do now?


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by: mrs_gee
on: 15/09/2012 | 10:15

ask for a new sim here, all your details will remain. Replacement or faulty / not working/ I lost or found my SIM or Phone, or stolen, or barred?

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by: paultheball
on: 15/09/2012 | 10:15
This is the only way to keep your number/account.

You can report your sim as lost/stolen,
and you will be sent a replacement sim. The
replacement sim will have your same number and
account details. However, once you report your
sim as lost/stolen, you will lose all service on your
current sim. All giffgaff sims are now hybrid and
dual sims which contain a micro sim that pops out.

It usually takes up to 5 working days for you to
receive the replacement sim.

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by: sam1128
on: 15/09/2012 | 10:16
Lost and stolen :

Report sim lost and stolen ... You would be sent out replacement sim with 1st classl post..

All credit and allowance would be transferred as well..

giffgaff now send out hybrid sims, which contain both a mini and micro sim that you can pop out.
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by: lmills
on: 15/09/2012 | 10:16

Report your sim lost and order a replacement The replacement will have your number,credit etc intact

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by: sydbrazil1
on: 15/09/2012 | 10:20
Order a replacement sim

Ps - Remove your phone number before you get spammed
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by: basky
on: 15/09/2012 | 10:20

We have 2 options for you.


1) Permanently Bar and Replace: Use this option if you have definitely lost your phone and / or SIM.


Your phone/SIM will be barred meaning no one will be able to use it again. We'll dispatch a replacement SIM, your old SIM will be cancelled with immediate effect.


  • · Lost SIM only - Click Bar SIM only
  • · Lost Phone and SIM - Click Bar SIM and handset

    Head here to report your SIM and/or phone as missing.

    It typically takes 5 working days for your new SIM to arrive, you'll need to activate it online when it arrives by clicking here.

       The replacement sim will have the same number and any credit/remaining bag once activated. However

       goodybags are not suspended while you wait for the sim to arrive


If it does not arrive then Contact us here. And we will re-order your replacement SIM.


2) Suspend/Temporarily Bar/Do not replace. Use this option if you think you may find your phone/SIM again - this way you can un-suspend once you find your phone/SIM

You'll need to contact our Member Service Team via Email and they'll put a temporary bar on your SIM and/or phone

This will NOT replace your SIM. It will merely suspend it, in the hope that you find your phone/SIM.

Email us when you find it and we can un-suspend your phone and or SIM

Contact us here

If you do not find it then use option 1. (The will Permanently Bar the handset and/or SIM)

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by: kungfusi
on: 15/09/2012 | 10:24
Ask an agent mate and they will send you a replacement Smiley Happy.
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by: dalan
on: 15/09/2012 | 10:26
Please remove all personal info. Asap. Any crank can now grt hold of it.
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