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Lost phone

Started by: jessielou15
On: 06/05/2016 | 21:45
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by: jessielou15
on: 06/05/2016 | 21:45

I asked for my lost iphone to be sim and phoned barred today. Does anyone know how long it takes to happen as an hour  later and my mobile still rings when I call it.


Thanks Sarah

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by: spacefrog
on: 06/05/2016 | 21:48 edited: 06/05/2016 | 21:53

Heres a link to report your phone as lost so you can try again, also it might be a good idea to ask an agent this question just 


you also might find this some help..

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by: eddie2901
on: 06/05/2016 | 21:53
Hi got this guide for hope it helps

Block your phone

If you have selected to block your phone it will be put on a national blacklist and no one will be able to use it.

Once your phone has been blocked, we advise you to change the passwords for the different applications you may have been running on your phone (email, instant messaging etc.).

If you need to unbar your phone you can do it by contacting an agent and providing us with your IMEI number. You can find your IMEI number by dialling *#06# from your phone, or on the phone's original box. It will take around 5 working days to unbar your phone.

A safe place for you to store your IMEI number is in the Private notes section of this website. This information is for your eyes only. It will not be publicly displayed.

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What's next?

Register your phone on the Immobilise website. Its a national database and totally free of charge. You can use the website to report the loss or theft of your phone. The police can also use this database to return it to you if it is later recovered.

If your phone was insured then your insurer will ask you for proof of usage. Contact an agent with your claim number and insurer's email address and we will send a statement to your insurer for you.

We can only provide them with this document once your phone has been registered as lost or stolen on this website.

If you think your number has been used without your consent, please contact us after having blocked the phone and/or SIM card. The agents will then check your recent usage for abuses and will refund your goodybag allowance or balance appropriately.
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by: pfaber11
on: 06/05/2016 | 21:54
It shouldn't take long i lost mine a few years ago and reported it as stolen and it was off the air very quickly. That was with 3. I think it took about half an hour tops.
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by: zabran
on: 06/05/2016 | 21:57
Am sure there is an app u can get in which you can control ur phone and find out where it is.
Snapchat time Smiley Happy
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by: spacefrog
on: 06/05/2016 | 21:58 edited: 06/05/2016 | 22:05



do you have any other apple devices ,? the reason i ask is that you could try the "find my iphone"

service.... get back if you need more can also block the phone if need be... 

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 22.04.42.png


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by: jessielou15
on: 06/05/2016 | 22:25
For some reason the find my phone service was turned off Smiley Sad
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by: jessielou15
on: 06/05/2016 | 22:26
Ok thank very much Smiley Happy
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by: jessielou15
on: 06/05/2016 | 22:26
Thanks for your help Smiley Happy
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