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Lost sim and forgoton password

Started by: spence778
On: 03/08/2017 | 20:29
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by: spence778
on: 03/08/2017 | 20:29 edited: 03/08/2017 | 20:31

I've lost my sim and now can't log in as I can't remember what my password was so I'm at a loss and my registers email won't let me log in as it uses a key sent to my number to log in how do I get round this this is not the account I'm using now 


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by: sloz
on: 03/08/2017 | 20:32
Hi do you have an alternative email to give to the agent to receive a password reset link?

ask an agent with the account you're posting here with , and they'll send you a reset link

Log out first

Log back into here ( short url Http:// )
Select "no"

And in the further information box.... Give the agents the following info

Say you've forgot your password Activated username
Name ( on the account)
Address (on the account)
Mobile number
2 numbers you text and call
Last 4 digits of a debit card last used Ammount, date and method of last top up
Email address ( you have access to)

Mention you can't access the email you put down in your giffgaff setting
And ask for a password reset link be sent to the email you've supplied
Also mention you can't supply the sim serial number as you've lost your sim

Replies are found here
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by: nosheen_kabul
on: 03/08/2017 | 20:34
Hi @spence778

In this case i suggest you contact a giffgaff agent and provide the agents the following details

Say you've forgot log in details
Mobile number
Sim serial number
2 numbers you text and call the most
Email address

Mention you think the email is incorrect in your giffgaff settings and ask for a reset link be sent to the email you've given them

As this issue doesn't fall under any category under the agent form please follow this link select a number from the select menu and then write your question in the text area provided. Please provide as much information as you can on the issue.

As agents deal with many queries, it can take up to 24 hours to get a reply, but usually you get a reply in a couple of hours.

Any replies from agents can be found on your "My Giffgaff" page or the page can be accessed directly following this link.
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by: elisaibh
on: 03/08/2017 | 20:43

All you need to contact the agent here: and provide the details of account:

1. Full Name
2. Address
3. Mobile Number
4. Membername
5. 19 digit SIM serial Number
6. Last 4 digit of your card details updated or used on account
7. Alternate email address to send your reset password

Once provided then the agent will help you from there end. You can check agent reply here:
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