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MMS windows phone

Started by: someoneusa
On: 21/07/2013 | 22:30
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by: someoneusa
on: 21/07/2013 | 22:30

Hi guys, I used the connection setup app and was able to open photos that were sent but my friend was trying to send me contact information from her Iphone, provider is 3 and I got a message when I tried to open it, "we can't show some content in this message". Any ideas?


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by: foxymac2020
on: 21/07/2013 | 22:41
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by: someoneusa
on: 21/07/2013 | 22:31

And to add, I had a windows 7.5 at the time which I just upgraded to 7.8, not sure if this will make a difference with future messages.

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by: m9xx7demix
on: 21/07/2013 | 22:32
It might be an issue if your friend is using another operating system to you, because the contact systems will work differently on each system and not work in sync with each other.
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by: signal_is_matter
on: 21/07/2013 | 22:33

Have you tried reinstalling the MMS settings?

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by: georgetown_82
on: 21/07/2013 | 22:35
Don't know. As mentioned above. It could come down to the OS the phone is using. Try some forums
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by: foxymac2020
on: 21/07/2013 | 22:41
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