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Started by: adam0293
On: 02/06/2016 | 14:14
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by: holymoly
on: 02/06/2016 | 18:53
You won't get any answer from them I'm afraid. Like i said earlier, its deliberately slowed down because of too little bandwidth, they won't add more because its profit driven. If you try a tesco sim in the same locations they are faster than gg even though they are also on o2.

This is why I had to move to three, I was getting 300kbs on gg and now get 3-5mbs on three in the same locations.
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by: adam0293
on: 02/06/2016 | 19:09
Do you get unlimited data with three or is it gh unlimited
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by: ed3925
on: 02/06/2016 | 19:18
Three do something called 'All you can Eat' data, which has a fair usage policy of 1000 GB per month.

AYCE data is available on their £25 bundle (without a contract), and on several on their SIM contracts.

Tethering (hotspot) is permitted on contract but not pay as you go, up to a maximum of 30 GB per month.
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by: holymoly
on: 02/06/2016 | 19:19
Truly unlimited and no slowdown. £25
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by: ed3925
on: 02/06/2016 | 19:19
Have you considered getting home broadband Adam? There are plenty of good deals at the moment with truly unlimited data. I'm on TalkTalk fibre.
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by: adam0293
on: 02/06/2016 | 19:29
@holymoly @ed3925 I am going to order some three sims now if my gg internet a loads the page is there any specific sim I need for all you can eat data?
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by: ed3925
on: 02/06/2016 | 19:34
No, you just need to order a standard pay as you go SIM from the website. All you need to do to get AYCE data is top up £25 and THEN use your credit to buy the pack called All in One 25.
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by: ed3925
on: 02/06/2016 | 19:36
Also, do check your signal before you top up! Don't want to waste your hard earned cash if the signal is rubbish!
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