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Mobile network state: Disconnected???

Started by: redgriff
On: 07/08/2012 | 10:13
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by: redgriff
on: 07/08/2012 | 10:13

Hi, I'm using a Bluechip A502, Android 2.2 phone.


For some reason my mobile network state is showing as "Disconnected", which does not seem right. My giffgaff sim has (according to 'My Giffgaff' page) been active since last week.

My number transfer went through yesterday and seems to be fine according to giffgaff site.


Smiley FrustratedJust think it's odd that my phone doesn't seem to acknowledge any mobile network as being active.


Manually sent text to get giffgaff settings from 2020 last night (after 09:00pm) but just got message back saying:

"We are having some trouble dealing with your request. has info about setting up your phone with mobile internet and picture messaging."

This makes no sense to me as I do not own a blackberry and just comes over as giffgaff trying to milk money out of me.


Are the 2 issues connected? Any advice on either of these?


Thanks for any assist Smiley Happy

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by: sam1128
on: 07/08/2012 | 10:14
Android STEP by STEP guide:

Go to ‘Settings’.
Then go to ‘Wireless & networks’.
Continue go to ‘Mobile Networks’.
Then ‘Access Point Names’
Click the Menu button’
Then select ‘New APN’

Connection Name: giffgaff 
Username: giffgaff
Password: password

Turn on off airplane mode thats it !

Thanks !

See pics :
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by: endorphin
on: 07/08/2012 | 10:14
Check the status of the mobile network where you are by entering your postcode here

If that's OK try rebooting your phone.
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by: jburnham96
on: 07/08/2012 | 10:14
I get the same message when sending settings to 2020 - so I have to put the settings in manually.

I am also using Android so maybe it is linked to certain versions of the OS.
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by: redgriff
on: 07/08/2012 | 10:20

Thanks but that has already been done, twice and followed to the letter both times.


Still under Setting > About Phone > Status


Mobile network state = disconnected.


Is it me miss understanding it as I assume it means that the phone/sim is not actively using any mobile network?

As, surely if it is not connected texting and phoning will not work? With no explanation of what "Mobile network state" actually means in the phones manual I'm a bit confused as I'm still new to android/smart phones.

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by: paultheball
on: 07/08/2012 | 10:35
Try this, Android;
1) Go to Settings--Wireless and Networks--
Mobile Networks--Network Operators--

2) Search for networks. A list of Networks will soon
be displayed.

3) Select any network that is Not giffgaff or 02.
(choose Orange/Vodafone etc).

4) You will see "unable to connect" on the screen.
(or No Network Service).

5) Now select giffgaff or 02 and allow the selection
back to Automatic.

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by: redgriff
on: 08/08/2012 | 08:45

Had wifi up and running.


Found out that if I switch the wifi off, the mobile network state switches to 'connected'


Wish the phone manual or adroid manual I downloaded could have explained this.


Another android lesson learned Smiley Happy

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by: jaydean38
on: 08/08/2012 | 08:55

internet setting

Text 'Settings' to 2020 - and you'll receive a text message back with the data and MMS settings.Or should this not work,
please choose your mobile Operating System from the list below and click the link:


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by: softcellrock
on: 02/10/2013 | 10:55

thanks that really helped me

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by: cash5000
on: 25/10/2013 | 22:25
Why has my sim been disconnected and it wont even let me log inn
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