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Motorola defy mini memory issues.

Started by: kheridr
On: 19/06/2012 | 17:06
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by: kheridr
on: 19/06/2012 | 17:06

Right, i could be missing something here but i need help!

When i download something it's downloaded straight into the phone internal memory, now its full up. Ive got a new Micro sd card inside, hoping that i can change the down load location but i cant find anything on the settings.... it would just seem silly to keep having to download them on my phone then move to the sd card location.!

So does anyone know how i can change the download location? Cheers. 

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by: safe_1996
on: 19/06/2012 | 17:08
Try clearing app cache, download app2sd from play store.
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by: bazdaman91
on: 19/06/2012 | 17:13
Transfer any apps on your phone memory to the sd card.
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