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Started by: undam69
On: 20/01/2019 | 23:23
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by: undam69
on: 20/01/2019 | 23:23

What can i do to stop receiving text from this number 30090007 its eating my credit 

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by: macca28
on: 20/01/2019 | 23:26

@undam69 Hi

google and download a number blocking apps,


hope this helps,

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by: undam69
on: 20/01/2019 | 23:28
Ok thanks you..i will try that.x
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by: persco
on: 20/01/2019 | 23:30

@undam69 wrote:

What can i do to stop receiving text from this number 30090007 its eating my credit 

Hi @undam69 That is a payforit text. You should have received a previous text with a 5digit number?


If so, text the word STOP to the number. You will need airtime credit for that. You will need airtime credit for that and costs about 10p. 

Also check if there a customer services number mentioned in the text and if so, call the number and explain you don’t want to subscribe to that service. 

If you are lucky, some will offer you a refund. There is a detailed guide here
Also, refrain from topping up with airtime credit in the mean time whilst you sort the ‘stopping’ out or just buy a goodybag instead as they can’t take money off a goodybag but can if you have airtime credit. 

You can enter the 5 digit number here to find alternative contact methods

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by: sloz
on: 20/01/2019 | 23:31 edited: 20/01/2019 | 23:32

Hi, don't block the number, if you've just blocked it, unblock it now immediately

(blocking the number won't stop the charges) 

That's a receipt type text from payforit confirming a payment

you should have previously received a text from a 5 digit number or from a word or words 
(Freemessage for instance) 
Indicating you've subscribed to a premium service 
Details of the subscription and how to unsubscribe will be mentioned within that text

Could you have a look through your received texts for that message, 
Also, look on your blocked list within your phone settings and if you have blocked any 5 digit numbers
Unblock them now 

If you can't spot that other text 
Go here
Input your number and click send pin 

You'll receive a text with a pin code 
Input that back on the page and click send 

If that page doesn't show any live subscription, text the word STOP to these numbers in order 
(wait 5 minutes, if you don't receive a reply, text the the next 5 digit number 

Read the advice from this guide

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by: muggles708
on: 21/01/2019 | 08:35



If you've followed the advice in the previous 2 posts, you should have stopped the charges and be able to obtain a refund. If you're still having trouble, it might help to know that the number 3009007 is used for Payforit receipts from a company called Tap2Bill Ltd. They can be called on 0149 475 0500 and should be able to tell you who is taking your money.


Make sure you don't block texts from 5 digit numbers. It WON'T stop the charges, but it will stop you from seeing who is making them!


'Payforit' subscriptions are not strictly premium texts, although they are shown as such on your GiffGaff usage statement. 'Payforit' charges are applied directly to your account by a 'third party' which has acquired your phone number. GiffGaff make no check that you have consented to these charges, and refuse to allow you to bar them.


You need to be aware that GiffGaff leak your phone number to third parties when you access the internet using mobile data, and this is probably how your number was acquired in order to make these charges. The system which does this is called 'Payforit'.


Comprehensive and independent information and advice on dealing with these scams is on the payforitsucks website.  This website won't blame you for being scammed and provides constructive advice about forcing the scammers to refund. Specialist and legal support is also available through the site if you encounter difficulties. Google "payforitsucks" or follow the link to the faq in my signature. The website contains detailed advice on the steps you need to take to stop further charges, obtain a refund and protect yourself from these scams in the future.

 I hope you manage to resolve this matter. These scams are a disgrace to the mobile communications industry and GiffGaff should be doing more to assist affected members and to protect members from these scams.



Been scammed by 'Payforit'? Need independent advice? Payforit Faq for GiffGaff Customers
Support GiffGaff introducing two factor Authorisation for ‘Payforit’
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by: headcases
on: 21/01/2019 | 08:37
blocking the number wont stop the charges you need to reply to the text with the word stop
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by: he22ie
on: 21/01/2019 | 09:05

Text back stop immediately. This should make it cease. Then go to  who will identify the number and show you ways of dealing with them and possibly getting your money back. Also has a lot of information 

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