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My email account does not recognize the password or username on my Iphone

Started by: louiswestside
On: 08/04/2012 | 13:49
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by: louiswestside
on: 08/04/2012 | 13:49



It has been a few days now that I cant access my mail box on my Iphone. Everytime I log in, it says that either my password, username, or settings could not be identified....

Do you know how I can set it up again ?


Many thanks, 



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by: think_of_tomoro
on: 08/04/2012 | 13:50
It may be related to your interent settings so try this:

Receive Settings via SMS

Internet Settings
Text "settings" to 2020

Input Settings Manually

Internet Settings
Connection Name: giffgaff - GPRS
APN - Access Point Name:
Proxy Server Address:
Proxy Port:8080
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MCC: 234
MNC: 10

Also see if it will work with anither account. If it does then it must just be a problem with your email!

Hope this helps!
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by: deskjetian
on: 08/04/2012 | 13:50
Which email provider do you use ? Gmail, hotmail, yahoo?
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by: zoestabler
on: 08/04/2012 | 13:50
delete it all and do it all again- one thing iPods and iPhones do s capitialise the first letter of passwrods, so make sure you make it lowercaseSmiley Happy
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by: slamboom
on: 08/04/2012 | 13:50
I'm not sure but I had that problem when connected to WIFI. It was OK on 3G. It turned out my phone was connecting to a BTFON hotspot. Once I hit forget this network and connected to my home network again I didn't have that problem.
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by: lmills
on: 08/04/2012 | 13:57
One thing I discovered when setting up my mailboxes on my iPhone was that the password should be entered with NO capitals even if you have capitals in your password
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