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My mobile network does not work

Started by: 498me498
On: 30/08/2012 | 10:24
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by: 498me498
on: 30/08/2012 | 10:24 edited: 30/08/2012 | 10:26

I have tried many options, but nothing works. I have the 10 pounds goodybag which includes unlimited web, but it doesnt work. im getting so tired of this as giffgaff doesnt response to my email. what do i do? i have a blackberry curve 8520 and when i try to open the internet it says: ''This is a WI-FI service. Please ensure your device has an active WI-FI connection and try again.''

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by: hughnicholls
on: 30/08/2012 | 10:25

when did you buy it, it can take a while

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by: lemon444
on: 30/08/2012 | 10:25
When did you activate yr sim? Is it fully activated. What does your My Giffgaff page show?
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by: pascal94
on: 30/08/2012 | 10:25

what phoen do you have?

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by: alexc33
on: 30/08/2012 | 10:26

Have you set up your phone for mobile data? You have to set these up for your phone.


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by: 498me498
on: 30/08/2012 | 10:27

I activated my sim yesterday and bought the goodybag yesterday as well

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by: 498me498
on: 30/08/2012 | 10:27

blackberry curve 8520

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by: dteg
on: 30/08/2012 | 10:27
Agent will only send you back here, since it's not an account/billing issue. I'm sure we can assist!
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by: bilal_utd
on: 30/08/2012 | 10:27
you have to probably wait for your sim card to fully activate before you can use the internet. This may day several days depending on the area you are situated within.
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by: 498me498
on: 30/08/2012 | 10:29

My giffgaff page says:

29/08/2012 15:35

Thanks for activating

Just confirming you activation was successful.

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