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My phone has gone dead - no service.

Started by: palfreyman85
On: 23/08/2016 | 11:05
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by: palfreyman85
on: 23/08/2016 | 11:05

Presumably this is because my old BT number is being transferred to my giffgaff SIM.  Is there any way that I can find out if this is the case and, if so, how long is this likely to take.  Many thanks

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by: mysticalmianderer
on: 23/08/2016 | 11:07 edited: 23/08/2016 | 11:20

upto 24 hours it can take.. turn phone off and on also to help process periodically


when your number appears here by your username it will be live and working

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by: lynda1962
on: 23/08/2016 | 11:19
@palfreyman85, hi there, if your number is in the process of being transferred from your last provider then it can take upto 24 hours to fully transfer over just keep restarting your phone every now and then, you may lose signal whilst activating, should be done by 9pm.

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by: palfreyman85
on: 23/08/2016 | 11:20

Problem solved.  Thanks

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