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My phone is not accepting calls at the moment? why

Started by: labubi
On: 21/09/2012 | 10:30
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by: labubi
on: 21/09/2012 | 10:30

Hi all,


please can someone help me with this, today of all days and without warning - when someone dials my mobile number and when I have dialled it myself from the landline message says "this number is not accepting calls at present please try again later"  I have switched off my phone and taken the sim out, put it back in, switched on and I get the same message when I dial my mobile number.  Strangely I can send and receive text messages while this is going on and I am able to dial out and access the internet - can any one help please please I am waiting for an important call today of all days ! sods law or what

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by: flax
on: 21/09/2012 | 10:35

Have you activated Call Divert?

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by: labubi
on: 21/09/2012 | 10:38

No, I have a iphone 3 gs which is factory unlocked and I have also tried placing another sim (vodafone) in and dialling my number and my phone rings - so I know I have not changed any settings on my phone and my phone is OK - just don't understand it


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by: alexc33
on: 21/09/2012 | 10:54

Have you tried shutting your phone down, removing the sim for a few minutes, replacing and restarting your phone? This sometimes works with this problem.
Another is to manually select a different service, i.e Orange or Vodaphone, and then switch back.

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