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My samsung alpha says my sim is not activated it was originaly set to 02

Started by: walls01
On: 21/02/2016 | 14:59
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by: jaimewalls
on: 21/02/2016 | 15:15
Yes strange just keeps saying emergency calls only ??
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by: he22ie
on: 21/02/2016 | 15:29
I would suggest you try the sim on an unlocked phone. If that works you have a phone problem. It is likely it is locked in some way, however any O2 phone should work with giffgaff. I agree that a reboot might assist. Normally locked phones on the wrong service will ask you for an unlock code on startup. Check the phone has landed on giffgaff by checking networks and making sure you select that
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by: cherrycoke1983
on: 21/02/2016 | 16:11

Have you got a goody bag 

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by: sudeepshe
on: 21/02/2016 | 16:17
Try activating sim on another browser and make sure it is the latest downloadable version. For example: Goggle Chrome or Internet explorer.

Also, try deleting the cookies and temp files if you still face difficulty in accessing it.

If you're still unable to activate the SIM, so please Contact an Ask and Agent from here: and provide them a below details:

- Activation Code
- 19 digits of the SIM number which is at the back of your SIM card
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