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My whatsapp isn't working!

Started by: matt_bignell
On: 30/08/2012 | 13:22
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by: matt_bignell
on: 30/08/2012 | 13:22

The phone is a Nokia 302, whatsapp works perfectly fine with wifi and the Internet seems to work on 3g as well when browsing yet whatsapp doesn't seem to connect...I have re installed the app and this doesn't seem to have done anything, any help?



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by: gaffout
on: 30/08/2012 | 13:22
Try deleting the legacy proxy server address ("") in your APN settings. This is known to cause problems with some apps.
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by: sloz
on: 30/08/2012 | 13:22 edited: 30/08/2012 | 13:23
Yet without the proxy server in your settings
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by: pad2
on: 30/08/2012 | 13:23
delete the proxy address
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by: matt_bignell
on: 30/08/2012 | 13:24

how do i delete the proxy settings?

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by: suheluddin2
on: 30/08/2012 | 13:24


Try deleting proxy server address

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by: ste53
on: 30/08/2012 | 13:28
I wondered why my friend hadn't been txting me on whatsapp for a couple of weeks and found it had un installed its self. Strange.
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by: hosaam123
on: 30/08/2012 | 13:30
Input internet settings again it happend to me aswell
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by: matt_bignell
on: 30/08/2012 | 13:59
none of these things have worked so far Smiley Sad
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by: mariamehmood
on: 30/08/2012 | 18:20

My whatsapp dont work ether Smiley Sad

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