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NP code.

Started by: bethan3
On: 05/01/2011 | 16:56
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by: bethan3
on: 05/01/2011 | 16:56

What is an NP code? I have just put my new GiffGaff sim into my phone after transferring my number and it keeps asking for an NP code.....What is it?


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by: kanay2000
on: 05/01/2011 | 16:57
It means you need to unlock your phone.
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by: lordofangels
on: 05/01/2011 | 16:57

looks like your phone isnt unlocked


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by: johnnylager
on: 05/01/2011 | 16:57 edited: 05/01/2011 | 16:58

yeah Network Provider code


needs unlocking

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by: aphex
on: 05/01/2011 | 16:57
That ones new to me, i'd like to know the answer as well.
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by: mother57
on: 05/01/2011 | 16:57
never heard of an np code. could it be phone related, do you have a pin code lock on your phone

does it suggest how many digits this code may be
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by: syorksdeano
on: 05/01/2011 | 16:57 edited: 05/01/2011 | 17:00

The NP code is the same as the NUC (Network Unlock Code). The phone is locked to another network and requires a code from them to use another sim from a different operator. 


You can either ask your previous network for a code (which may encounter a charge) or you could always go to a market stall and get it unlocked

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by: spider079
on: 05/01/2011 | 16:59
Depends what phone you have you may be able to unlock it for free use google and search for it. They have codes which when you enter. Unlocks your phone automatically.
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by: mother57
on: 05/01/2011 | 16:59
if it is a network code as suggested, what sim provider was in phone afore you put your giffgaff sim in
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by: bethan3
on: 05/01/2011 | 16:59

4 digits i think,,,

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