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Nano-Sim needed

Started by: popolstg
On: 03/03/2014 | 13:40
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by: popolstg
on: 03/03/2014 | 13:40

I have ordered a Nano-sim on Christmas...waited 2 weeks got nothing

Ordered again and again. Never received anything.

Tried my work address, my home address - never got a nano-sim.


This is extremely frustrating!! I have even joined Three in the meanwhile - worst decision --- I want to get back to giffgaff ASAP.


Anybody knows how I can get this nano-sim. I need this week absolutely. 

If somebody could hand deliver one that would be great. I work near St Paul and live in N1.


Please help me!!!!


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by: gemmaedwards
on: 03/03/2014 | 13:42
check with the agents to see if your post code is blocked, mine was
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by: macca28
on: 03/03/2014 | 13:43

hi an agent will sort it for you

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by: bethanaaay
on: 03/03/2014 | 13:44
Hi Smiley Happy

Some members advertise First Class sims on their banner.
Look for one of those banners, and send them a PM. These sims are posted by hand rather than by giffgaff
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