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Need help to activate my sim

Started by: s14eoy01
On: 17/01/2019 | 23:26
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by: s14eoy01
on: 17/01/2019 | 23:26

My sim won't activate I put the activation code in bought £10 goodybag . got the message will be activated soon then got another email saying your payment has not been done.  Then I tried going back to payment it won't let me need help

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by: flaxvert
on: 17/01/2019 | 23:28

Do you have sufficient funds in your bank account to pay for the £10 goodybag? 


Also, you may need to contact your bank to allow the payment to go through. This is rare but it does happen.

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by: claire1uk
on: 18/01/2019 | 00:09 edited: 18/01/2019 | 00:21

Hello. . Welcome to the giffgaff community.

Hope this helps you.
 You will be able to test the signal strength before spending any money by inserting the SIM in your unlocked phone, but payment is required to activate your SIM. You can pay using most major UK credit or debit cards, or visit your local shop and get a giffgaff top-up voucher. We also accept O2 top-up vouchers - as we run on the O2 network.


Minimum payment activation amount

  • If activating by topping up credit only, the minimum payment is £10.
  • If activating a SIM by the direct purchase of a goodybag, the minimum payment is £5 (if you use a debit card/ credit card) or £10 if you are using a voucher. This applies both to "referral" or "free SIMs".

A) Referral SIMs (with £5 free credit bonus) are received from an existing member's "spread giffgaff" page, forum banner or other personalised link.

B) Free SIMs are ordered from the giffgaff main page and do not have a credit bonus.

Before we get started, let's make sure that your phone is unlocked and that you have coverage where you are.

Start by inserting the SIM card in your phone:

Signal Check - Proceed.jpg

Can't see a signal?

Signal Check - Do Not Proceed.jpg

  • It could be due to your phone being locked to your previous provider - don't worry, we have a handy guide which gives you advice on how to unlock your phone in our unlockapedia section.
  • If you have an iPhone which has been previously unlocked then you may need to sync with iTunes to complete the unlock. More information.
  • If your phone is not locked, you may want to check the coveragein your area.
  • You SIM may be damaged. Try checking it in another unlocked phone for a signal bar or a data connection symbol. Now dial *100# Your phone should display a message if it's anything other than 'not active' then order a new SIM.

Most SIM activations are processed within a few minutes but it can take up to 24 hours in some situations.

More Information

If your SIM is not activated after 24 hours, please contact our agents so they can verify the status of your activation.

Don't forget to include:

  • Your name
  • Your giffgaff membername
  • The 6 digit Activation Code and 
  • The 13 or 19 digit SIM Serial Number (SSN) printed on the SIM itself (right before 3Ggg/4Ggg).

SIM code activation codes.png


Please allow 24 Hours for the activation to complete before contacting the agents.

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by: spacefrog
on: 18/01/2019 | 00:14



You could check your order history to see if the payment has actually

gone through.....My payments


Use a different device to activate your sim.

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by: s14eoy01
on: 18/01/2019 | 01:39
Ive done that its saying waiting for activation
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by: s14eoy01
on: 18/01/2019 | 01:42
Its gone through mate it not my first rodeo
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