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Need help with signal please

Started by: silverpas6
On: 23/08/2016 | 11:01
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by: silverpas6
on: 23/08/2016 | 11:01 edited: 23/08/2016 | 11:23

I have not signal can anyone help me please

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by: harrrrrry
on: 23/08/2016 | 11:21 edited: 23/08/2016 | 11:28



Are you also in N1 ?


If so, please see previous post.




The message was moved, so the previous post is

Get a free giffgaff Sim

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by: mysticalmianderer
on: 23/08/2016 | 11:25

You should try:

1)Check your service here:

enter your area and it will show you if you have any issues in the area

2)do a manual roam:

1. Go to settings
2. Then go to mobile networks
3. Select a network other than
O2(gg) i.e orange or tmobile
4. Come out of settings and it
should say no network coverage
or something
5. Repeat the process this time
choose O2(gg)
and this will update your
number to the message centre
and should help your txts

This will reset the connection

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by: freedmaniac
on: 23/08/2016 | 11:26

Have you checked Network & Coverage to see if there is a local mast problem?

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