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Need to get a new phone. If I get sim free how do I transfer account?

Started by: ann_warmisham
On: 19/03/2019 | 00:11
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by: ann_warmisham
on: 19/03/2019 | 00:11
I neede to upgrade my phone. if I get a sim free phone how do I transfer my giffgaff account?
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by: bilal86440
on: 19/03/2019 | 00:12
Once you have the SIM card then simply perform a SIM Swap. The SIM swap will transfer your current number and any active goodybag / credit over to the new SIM and can be performed any time between 4.30am and 9.30pm
You can follow this fantastic guide i found on how to perform the SIM Swap. 
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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