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Started by: susanbanks38
On: 28/01/2019 | 21:09
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by: susanbanks38
on: 28/01/2019 | 21:09

I’ve been with giffgaff for years.

just needed new phone!

The transfer has still not gone through, but it’s now showing ‘no service’ on both phones! When will I know if it’s done or if there is a problem or if I am supposed to do something else! The new phone seems to be ok in all other aspects I just want the phone to work as a phone again! 

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by: fidas
on: 28/01/2019 | 21:14
Hi there have u done a sim swop or activated a sim if so it can take up to 24 hours to fully activate reboot ur phone it can help
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by: boblog
on: 28/01/2019 | 21:15
HI there, what is it you are trying to do? A sim swap? Or a number port?
Have you tried restarting your phone?
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by: fidas
on: 28/01/2019 | 21:15
Also to activate a new sim u need to top up £10
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by: byre
on: 28/01/2019 | 21:22
When I done my son swap it took a few hours , switching the mobile off then on again can help too. Make sure u have added some credit or a goodybagg
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by: susanbanks38
on: 28/01/2019 | 21:26
Thanks, goody bag is all ok and topped up so I’ll try switching off on
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by: susanbanks38
on: 28/01/2019 | 21:31
Thanks byre, it worked- simples👍🏽
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