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New Samsung Galaxy Nexus... can't get internet/mms settings...

Started by: chuckzed
On: 21/11/2011 | 14:52
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by: chuckzed
on: 21/11/2011 | 14:52

I have texted 'settings' to 2020 but get a 'We had problems dealing with your request for settings...' error message in preply.


I've tried manually entering in new APN settings as below:- (I found these on another thread)


Manual Settings:

GPRS-3G Settings

Connection Name: giffgaff - GPRS
APN - Access Point Name:
Proxy Server Address:
Proxy Port:8080
Login - Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MCC: 234
MNC: 10

MMS Settings

Connection Name: giffgaff - MMS
APN - Access Point Name:
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
MCC: 234
MNC: 10
APN type: mms




...but I don't know how to get these to take effect. What do I need to do? Are these settings correct?

I am currently waiting for my number to be ported. Any more info required? 



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by: giffgaffz
on: 22/11/2011 | 00:42 edited: 22/11/2011 | 00:50
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I got the Galaxy Nexus today and my giffgaff SIM card is working on it, including Internet and data. These are the instructions I followed, but I skipped 16-20 as I don't want to mess with MMSC for the time being. It's an awesome phone. Good luck.


  1. - Press the Menu key
  2. - Tap Settings
  3. - Tap Wireless & networks
  4. - Tap Mobile networks
  5. - Tap Access Point Names
  6. - Tap a giffgaff APN (if there are no APNs go to 10)
  7. - Press the Menu key
  8. - Tap Delete APN
  9. - Repeat 6, 7 and 8 until no giffgaff APNs remain
  10.  - Tap the Menu key
  11.  - Tap New APN
  12.  - Tap Name then tap the text box and enter giffgaff then tap OK
  13.  - Tap APN then tap the text box and enter then tap OK
  14.  - Tap Username then tap the text box and enter giffgaff then tap OK
  15.  - Tap Password then tap the text box and enter password then tap OK
  16.  - Tap MMSC then tap the text box and enter then tap OK
  17.  - Tap MMS proxy then tap the text box and enter then tap OK
  18.  - Tap MMS port then tap the text box and enter 8080 then tap OK
  19.  - Tap MCC then tap the text box and enter 234 then tap OK
  20.  - Tap MNC then tap the text box and enter 10 then tap OK
  21.  - Press the Menu key
  22.  - Tap Save
  23.  - Tap the circle next to giffgaff so a green dot appears.
  24.  - Press the Back key four times to return to the home screen.


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by: cwis
on: 21/11/2011 | 14:53
After you entered these settings did you restart your phone?
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by: rudedog
on: 21/11/2011 | 14:53

Hi there the best way to configurfe your internet is to connect your phone to a wifi network, then go to the Android Market and download the giffgaff APN, and once downloaded, follow the instructions and you will be set up Smiley Happy

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by: welshdragon92
on: 21/11/2011 | 14:54
Turn your phone off and on that should help
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by: giffgafful
on: 21/11/2011 | 14:54 edited: 21/11/2011 | 14:58

On a Samsung you need to make sure that the profile containing these is active. This is usually indicated using a green dot or tick. If you are unsure, just delete all other profiles and just keep the giffgaff one.


Edit: Your port may also have started, and you would then have to wait for it to complete before things work correctly. This could take until tomorrow if it is scheduled for today.

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by: xeon
on: 21/11/2011 | 14:55

I'm considering this phone! looks good! award winning aparently lol

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by: daveyg
on: 21/11/2011 | 15:02
  •     Go to you wireless and network settings
  •     Select Mobile Networks
  •     Go to Access Point Names (go to next point if giffgaff is not among listed APN's)
  •     Press the menu soft key and select add new APN
  •     You should enter the following for their respective fields


  •     Name: giffgaff
  •     APN:
  •     Username: giffgaff
  •     Password: password
  •     MMSC:
  •     MMS Proxy:
  •     MMS Port: 8080
  •     APN type: internet + mms
  •     Press the menu soft key and save APN
  •     The New APN "giffgaff" should now be selected showing a green dot.
  •   Press the return soft key and make sure to tick the first option "Use Packet Data"
  •   If you have followed these steps, your internet should be set.



Just press and hold the power button and activate or deactivate, 2nd option from the screen pop up.


For image walk through click here

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by: chuckzed
on: 21/11/2011 | 15:05

..don't get the option to put a green dot in the radio button next to my manually entered settings... i'm only able to add a green dot next to O2 or Tesco APNs...

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by: alweb
on: 21/11/2011 | 15:06

try using your wifi and download giffgaff apn from the market then install the settings that way its the easiest way to do it

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by: jamesf_1994
on: 21/11/2011 | 15:09

go into browser settings and select the profile giffgaff wap and the same with the apps


it may be in the app settings menu

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