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New phone with current goodybag

Started by: greeny2016
On: 02/06/2016 | 18:17
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by: greeny2016
on: 02/06/2016 | 18:17

I have an old phone with a GifGaff SIM and a goody bag on repeat but want to buy a new phone outright from the GiffGaff sales pages.  My problem is that it insists on me getting a new goody bag on the new SIM before I can buy, but I just want to buy the phone and put my current SIM in it and carry on using the goodybag.  Is there a way of doing this on the sales pages?

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by: avid_fan
on: 02/06/2016 | 18:20
Yes - just make sure you log in to your account with the active SIM first then you won't be required to buy a goodybag

As you are already on giffgaff just use the current SIM card if it fits. If it doesn't, and its not a 3in1 SIM the phone will have a new 3-in-1 trio SIM in the box when it arrives. You can use this SIM to do a SIM Swap if you are an existing giffgaff customer, which is really easy to do. (Just pop out the right size SIM)

All your account details will transfer over to the new SIM in full within 30 minutes, including goodybag, number and credit.

● Remember to back up your SIM contacts beforehand
Full giffgaff guide to SIM swap here -

There's also a handy giffgaff YouTube guide to SIM swap here -

Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: greeny2016
on: 02/06/2016 | 18:58
Thanks avid_fan!
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