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No credit? £5finished £10 hasnt kicked in?

Started by: gilbo
On: 23/11/2010 | 15:52
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by: weeman
on: 23/11/2010 | 16:19


@aandms wrote:
If he had it cued to then it should start the day his current one ended, the op said the other has ended so the cued one should start


OP just ran out of credit on the £5 labs goodybagSmiley Sad.



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by: aandms
on: 23/11/2010 | 16:23
So his bag hasnt actually ended? Then dont contact an agent i thought the op said it had ended sorry
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by: ragnorak
on: 23/11/2010 | 16:43
The Labs bag is like a vehicle, it needs fuel (credit) to work.
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