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No data after phone repair S5

Started by: aljay1
On: 29/04/2015 | 18:18
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by: aljay1
on: 29/04/2015 | 18:18
I have an s5 that since repairs has not got any 4G coverage. It maybe because I LOGGED in to O2 monthly paid but I can't seem to find the settings.

Any help would be appreciated.
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by: endorphin
on: 29/04/2015 | 18:19
Hi. Please see this KB article: on how to setup the internet and/or MMS on your Android device.

Or, if you have a wifi connection, install this app from the Play Store which will guide you through the APN setup
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by: hughnicholls
on: 29/04/2015 | 18:20

try a mannual roam here :


here are the settings:

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by: hughnicholls
on: 29/04/2015 | 18:21

easiest thing would be to download the android app and it wil do it automatically

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by: w69d
on: 29/04/2015 | 18:22

Hi,have you tried using an app from the play store to help you install the giffgaff Internet settings


or the offical giffgaff app


if that doesn't work you could try putting the APN settings in manually 



Go to Settings.

Choose More Settings.

Choose Mobile networks.

Choose Access Point Names.

Press the Menu (or the left physical ) button on your phone and choose New APN.


Tap Name and type giffgaff, then tap OK.

Tap APN and type then tap OK.

Tap MMSC and type 

Tap MMS proxy and type

Tap MMS port and type 8080



some devices (4.2 & above ) may need more settings


username: giffgaff


Bearer : Unspecified

MVNO type : IMSI

MVNO value : 23410x

APN protocol : IPv4

APN Roaming protocol : IPv4

Authentificationtype : PAP or CHAP

APN Type : default,supl,mms


Make sure not to confuse "browser proxy" and "MMS proxy". The first one must be left [blank] and the value for MMS Proxy is


Now press the Menu button on your phone again, and choose Save


Tap the little circle to the right of the profile named giffgaff on the list. It should turn Green or Blue


Once You've restarted your phone then you should be set up for giffgaff's internet and MMS settings.


if for any reason you can't set the profile after editing then you should also try this guide on resetting the profiles to defaults ~

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by: greenman
on: 29/04/2015 | 18:22

@aljay1 wrote:
I have an s5 that since repairs has not got any 4G coverage. It maybe because I LOGGED in to O2 monthly paid but I can't seem to find the settings.

Any help would be appreciated.

You need to select an O2 APN.

This will take you to the O2APN and the edit page.

Go through the settings and put in the giffgaff ones.

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by: chiqui99
on: 29/04/2015 | 18:25
Don't select o2 monthly when you first put giffgaff sim card in the phone.

I have used different Samsung smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, so I assume what works on them should work on your Samsung smartphone. So please see following:

A) Don't try and alter any APN (Access Point Name) settings for Internet and MMS that might have been sent to your phone automatically. I suggest that you add giffgaff APN (Access Point Name) settings manually, save them and then activate those SPECIFIC settings.
Firstly, when you first put the giffgaff sim card in your Samsung smartphone  it should have given you a list of mobile networks and asked you to select one. Sometimes 'giffgaff' is given as an option, so obviously you should select that. However sometimes it does not give giffgaff as an option but it should still give o2 as an option if a list appears. Do NOT choose o2 because you won't get Internet connection, just select 'CANCEL', then enter the APN (Access Point Name) settings for Internet and MMS manually, save them and then select to activate those SPECIFIC settings .

1) Select 'Settings' menu. 
2) Select 'More Networks'
3) Select 'Mobile Networks'
4) Select 'Access Point Names'
5) Select + sign (to add new APN)

To find the standard settings that giffgaff have on their website you can visit following website link:

C) *****But settings I see a lot of people post on giffgaff for settings for Samsung are usually not complete.

1) Name (can be anything you want)  - e.g:
'giffgaff Manual INTERNET AND MMS Settings'
2) APN(Access Point Name):
3) Proxy: Can leave empty. 
4) Port: Can leave empty.
5) Username: giffgaff
6) Password = password (must be in small letters, NOT capital letters. If there is any problem, you can  try leaving it empty - to match current giffgaff official settings.)
7) Server: Leave empty. 
8) MMSC:
9) MMS Proxy:
10) MMS Port: 8080 
11) MMC: 234
12) MNC: 10
13) Authentication Type: PAP
14) APN Type: default,supl,mms
15) APN Protocol: Leave as IPv4 
16) APN Roaming Protocol: Leave as IPv4 
17) Enable/disable APN:
Leave as 'APN Enabled'
18) Bearer: Unspecified
19) Leave rest as it is. 

20) Press soft 'Settings' button on bottom left-hand side of phone.
You should see a pop-up menu
21). Press 'Save' to save new settings you just entered.
22) Then when you click 'back' button, you should see settings you just entered and you can click on the circle next to whatever you named the settings in order to activate them.

23) Press soft 'back' key on bottom right-hand side phone to get back to 'Mobile Networks' page.

If you don't get Internet connection within few minutes, you can do a MANUAL ROAM (manual search for network.) To do that:
24) Untick box next to where it says 'Mobile Data' to switch off data connection.
25) On SAME page, click on 'Network Operator. Phone should automatically do manual search for available mobile network signals. However, if phone does not do so automatically, then select ' Search Networks... Scan for all available networks.' Phone should then do manual search for available network signals.
26) Select the appropriate mobile network. [If you are given o2 as an option, Select that as giffgaff operates off o2 Network. (N. B. As stated above, when you first put giffgaff Sim card in phone, if you Select 'o2' it will not work. )]
27) Switch Mobile Data back ON by ticking box next to where it says 'Mobile Data' that you UNticked before to switch Mobile Data off.

(***You can also try selecting WRONG network first and then when phone says it can't connect to that network, do manual search again and then select correct mobile network.)

28) *REBOOT: IF there is still a problem, try switching phone off, then switch it back on again after a few minutes.

If those Internet and MMS settings (APN Settings) above work, if you find that there is any FURTHER problem in future , try switching Mobile Data off and do manual search for network to reconnect to correct mobile network.
29) This website link will take you to different website pages re: Internet:

Hope that helps. Smiley Happy
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by: blockmonkey
on: 29/04/2015 | 18:40
Tou probably just need to re enter your apn settings as mentioned above.
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