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Nokia Asha 201 unlock code

Started by: shaun10077
On: 22/04/2012 | 10:15
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by: shaun10077
on: 22/04/2012 | 10:15

Hi all ive just bought my wife a nokia asha 201 but its locked to tesco mobile, i want to get her on to giffgaff like my self but i cant find the code in the unlockapedia does anyone on here know if i can get a code for it ? your help is much appreciated.


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by: think_of_tomoro
on: 22/04/2012 | 10:17
I would onyhave recommended checking the unlockipedia or you can get it unlocked by many phone provider shops or the phone shops that sell second hand phones and phone cases!

Hope this helps!
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by: arj95
on: 22/04/2012 | 10:26
Look at giffgaffs unlockapedia. Or type in google 'nokia asha 201 free unlock code'.
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by: jokeyboi77
on: 22/04/2012 | 10:34
have a look here and see if other nokia users may be able to help someone might do it for free ;-)
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by: shaun10077
on: 22/04/2012 | 15:22

Thanks for all your help

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by: adscan
on: 22/04/2012 | 15:23
go back to the original provider for them to unkock it.
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by: sonia_shorty
on: 22/04/2012 | 16:25
get it unlocked at a shop
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by: oakleboy
on: 22/04/2012 | 16:29
Phone up tesco and ask them to unlock it they will charge you.
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by: muhammad34
on: 22/04/2012 | 20:39
try looking on GoogleSmiley Happy because i know that theres a website like unlocknokia
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