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Nokia Asha 302 problems

Started by: pmdal
On: 21/07/2016 | 17:32
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by: pmdal
on: 21/07/2016 | 17:32

Have just installed a GiffGaff SIM in a Nokia Asha 302.


I have been able to set the phone up to send MMS text messages. I think I did it all correctly


HOWEVER,   (1)   for some reasons FIVE GiffGaff entries are appearing in my 'Contacts' list, including my balance, number of minutes remaining, etc. How do I remove these?  I deleted them all, but they just re-appeared.


(2)   When I send or receive a MMS message, it is not recording in my text message 'Send and receive' list.


I know it's an old phone, but it is perfectly serviceable!

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