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Nokia C3-00 constant Communication Error

Started by: fulbeck
On: 01/03/2011 | 14:06
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by: fulbeck
on: 01/03/2011 | 16:19

Thanks but the link shows a log that is all over the place with multitude of suggestions and no clear fix.  Really dont want to go down the road of downloadin nokia phone update, will likely knock everything else out.  Smiley Sad

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by: fulbeck
on: 01/03/2011 | 16:26

@giffgaff mentor - just tried resending picture message.  No joy.  Failed.

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by: giffgafful
on: 01/03/2011 | 16:27

Ok, in case interested, there is now another thread with more or less your problem here on giffgaff:


There is also a link to another relevant thread under that one in Message 10 I think it was.


Hope you and this other user manage to get to the bottom of the problem. Maybe some other users who have the actual phone will read and reply with more useful suggestions too.

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by: fulbeck
on: 01/03/2011 | 16:41

@giffgaff adviser.  Thanks, I did look over that link before posting but as you will see the advice is contradictory!  The person who has answered this thread has 02 web in their settings and it works whereas I did have it but deleted on the advice of previous log and now don't have an option to add it.


Enough is enough.  I'm taking the phones back to CFW tomorrow and will choose something else.  If no joy after that Giffgaff will be out the door as well!!


Thanks to all those who've tried to help....

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by: b_1987
on: 15/03/2011 | 15:52
My sister is having exactly the same problem with her Nokia C3-00. I have heard that new users of giffgaff have a data bar and have to ask an agent for it to be lifted. I have just sent a message so will up date you when I get a response. It is annoying though as she cannot make full use of her phone & the services giffgaff has to offer. Hope this is of some help Smiley Happy
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by: dbarker50
on: 14/08/2011 | 23:51


Same problem. Have you had any luck yet ?? - I'm thinking of going back to 02 as well !! Tried setting up 56 - yes Fifty six  times !! with ALL the suggestions on this site WITH NO LUCK. No help from Nokia or Giffgaff Agents - regret buying this phone - life too short for all this agro.



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