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Nokia Lumia 930 overheating

Started by: seacam
On: 09/05/2016 | 08:44
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by: seacam
on: 09/05/2016 | 08:44

I've had my Nokia Lumia 930 from Giffgaff for over a year now. It has always had a tendency to run warm under pressure, but recently it has been getting really uncomfortably hot, especially when using the mobile internet. Is this something repairable?
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by: chrisgraham1988
on: 09/05/2016 | 11:42

The aluminum body transfers the heat more noticeable, amplifying the warmth. It has been suggested that doing a full reset and updating the firmware resolves the issue, I would give this a try. 


Good luck 

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by: endorphin
on: 09/05/2016 | 11:44
Try chrisgraham's suggestion above. If still not happy your Nokia will be covered under the 24 month warranty so see here
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by: gmaesteruk
on: 09/05/2016 | 15:32

Hi @seacam if it's hotter then normal I would as suggested try the usual Soft Reset, then Hard Reset if it doesn't improve.


If you're going to Hard Reset, you could always upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile first, then Hard Reset. People have reported it's like new with speeds... The upgrade guide link is in my signature.



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