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Nokia asha 501 settings help

Started by: ginojames
On: 11/07/2013 | 23:00
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by: ginojames
on: 11/07/2013 | 23:00 edited: 10/09/2013 | 10:11
Hi every one, I'v just got myself a brand new nokia asha 501! I'm so excited about how good this new asha os is!
Anyways I'm having trouble getting my Internet working and was wondering if anyone new any setting that would work with my phone?


Really sorry Completely forgot other people might be wanting to know how to get it working.... This is the settings that worked for me.

go to settings-access points-Internet-+-Nap
name. Giffgaff
usernames. Vertigo
password. Password
then go back to the access points page and tap on browser then hit the +
name. GPRS
access point. Giffgaff (nap)
go back to the access point page and tap on streaming and set it to default streaming

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by: lucy68
on: 11/07/2013 | 23:01
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by: tat2jayuk
on: 11/07/2013 | 23:02
Text the word settings to 2020
Please click solution and kudos if I helped, thanks.
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by: usmanozzy786
on: 11/07/2013 | 23:03
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by: cruzz
on: 11/07/2013 | 23:04
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by: alistress
on: 11/07/2013 | 23:07
Try this:

Settings>Connectivity>Packet Data>Packet Data
Settings>Edit Active Access Pt.>Packet Data Acc.
Type in:
Then return to the home screen.
Settings>Configuration>Personal Config. Sett.
>Options>Add New>Access Point>Account Name.
Type in:
Then, staying in the Access Point menu, select
Bearer Settings and enter these settings:
Packet Data Acc. Pt.:
Network Type: IPv4
Authentication Type: Normal
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
Now return to the Configuration menu and
make sure the following are set;
Default Config. Sett.: giffgaff
Preferred Access Point:
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by: richarddavidson
on: 11/07/2013 | 23:15
The simplest method of setting up your phone is to just text the word "settings" to 2020.

If that doesn't work then see if this does:

Remember to delete all previous settings
before you start by highlighting and selecting
the item in ‘personal settings’ item and click
Option>Add new>Web
Account name
Giffgaff - GPRS
Use pref. Access pt.
Option>Add new>Multi. media
Account name
giffgaff - MMS
Server address
Use pref. Access pt.
Option>Add new>Access pt.
Account name
Acc. Point sett.>Bearer settings>
Pack. Data
Network type
Authentic type
Afterwards, activate each personal settings by
highlighting and holding the selected item and
click activate.
Default config sett.
Personal config
Default in all apps.
Preferred access pt.
switch off/on,
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