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Not Receiving Texts..

Started by: 7percent
On: 02/09/2011 | 03:43
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by: 7percent
on: 02/09/2011 | 03:43

Okay, this is frustrating.


Last night I text my friend saying "text me when you're nearly there", referring to my local. 45 mins later I got an angry phonecall asking where I was.. A few hours later in the evening I turned my phone off and on and recieved texts such as "waiting for a bus" and "nearly there, see you in a minute"


Today I text a few friends and not getting my usual reply decided to investigate. I got my sister to text me twice and used the service to text myself and haven't recieved anything. I've turned my phone off and on numerous times and put my sim card in an old phone. When I put my sim in the old phone I got a couple of texts from giffgaff with internet settings but didn't recieve any of the texts I was expecting..


What figures? my phone's an xperia x10 mini pro and I can still make/recieve calls and use 3gs fine.


Thanks for any help.

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by: djbonner07
on: 02/09/2011 | 03:50

Happens to alot of us, i think it maybe down to giffgaff been on o2 network and jamming the system up or down to the poor weather, is everything ok in your area - o2 status checker
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by: 7percent
on: 02/09/2011 | 03:52
P.S. I've now text my old phone while my giffgaff sim is inside and not recieved anything. Pretty sure it must be the network instead of my phone being useless.
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by: djbonner07
on: 02/09/2011 | 03:56

When did you topup to activate the sim?

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by: david1141
on: 02/09/2011 | 04:03
i normal y get that happening but never that long only about 10 20 mins
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by: prince_zak
on: 02/09/2011 | 04:40
hello mate go contact an agent and he will help you out
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by: steveuk9000
on: 02/09/2011 | 05:59

This is the reason im not joining giff gaff, poor O2 network.

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by: aaabzx3
on: 02/09/2011 | 06:16
it only happens to a few unlucky customers Smiley Sad try using a different phone maybe? do you live in a rural area? have you checked your signal status? also, try putting your phone in flight mode then normal mode
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