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Not used sim in about 10 months how do I get it working again?

Started by: leemg3
On: 09/06/2014 | 14:29
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by: leemg3
on: 09/06/2014 | 14:46
This is the account I used it is still open with credit and the number showing. I have jusy performed a sim swap and can now make calls thanks guys
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by: mcilwraith
on: 09/06/2014 | 14:48

@leemg3  surprising but a great result thumbup.gif

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by: leemg3
on: 09/06/2014 | 14:55
Tell me about it! This is why I love giffgaff. Forget talking to customer services. It's all about thw community
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by: sloz
on: 09/06/2014 | 15:03
If account details are showing online It was likely that your account was still active,
Quite surprised that the new sim was up and working so quickly after the sim swap
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