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Started by: samsam18
On: 19/10/2015 | 06:02
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by: samsam18
on: 19/10/2015 | 06:02
Has my number changed yet? How will I know if it has?
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by: b_sales
on: 19/10/2015 | 06:05
It will be displayed on your account.
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by: samsam18
on: 19/10/2015 | 06:07
I did this last time an it hasn't done that now giff gaff sent me emails but number hasn't changed yet
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by: b_sales
on: 19/10/2015 | 06:09
You need to contact an agent then for the reason
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by: samsam18
on: 19/10/2015 | 06:12
How do u do that from here I don't know hpw
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by: persco
on: 19/10/2015 | 06:17
Hi. Could you clarify please? Are you already with giffgaff and wants to change your number because of nuisance calls or you are new to giffgaff and bringing your number from another network?
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by: padiho
on: 19/10/2015 | 06:18

@samsam18 Hi don't worry it's quite easy . Just follow this link

Hope thst helps

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by: niniey2
on: 19/10/2015 | 06:44
To check your number , you could try ringing both your old and new number if doing from the phone one will be engaged or Ho to voice mail, the other engaged, or try sending a text to both the one receiving will display the number/name associated with.

You can check by looking at your dashboard, that will display your number under your name.

To contact an agent use this link and choose the most appropriate item from the list and provide full details, it can take up to 24 hours for a response.
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