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Number ported but have no service

Started by: mheginbotham
On: 21/08/2015 | 19:53
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by: mheginbotham
on: 21/08/2015 | 19:53

Hello, i joined giffgaff this week. I ported my number which was meant to switch yesterday 20.08.2015. My old number stopped working and its showing online that my number has changed over to giffgaff but my phone is showing "no service". Can someone please help me with this. 

Thank you

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by: bruno00
on: 21/08/2015 | 19:55
restart your phone
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by: clinteastwood43
on: 21/08/2015 | 19:56
Switching your phone off 5 minutes
and rebooting can help.
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by: stevestransport3
on: 21/08/2015 | 19:58
Have you turned your phone off and on.
It needs a restart to fully activate the new number on your giffgaff sim.

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by: mheginbotham
on: 21/08/2015 | 19:59

Thank you for replying. I have been turning it on and off every hour. No change. 

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by: nigelbrooks
on: 21/08/2015 | 20:01



Is your phone unlocked (or at least locked to O2)? Even an unactivated giffgaff SIM will display signal bars ('dots' on an iPhone).
No signal bars is a pretty clear sign that the phone is locked to another network.

Cn you try  the SIM in another (unlocked) phone?

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by: jammydodge
on: 21/08/2015 | 20:01

Hi @mheginbotham


Your best way to get service is to tuen your phone off and on again and remove the sim and put it back in again.


Hope that solves it

Kind Regards,


“Click“Click“Service “Click
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by: persco
on: 21/08/2015 | 20:02
Hi. Is the phone unlocked otherwise your sim won't work.

You need an unlocked or locked to O2 phone in order for your gg sim to work.

Can you try your sim in another unlocked or locked to O2 phone to rule out phone or sim fault?
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by: sloz
on: 21/08/2015 | 20:02
Do you have an iphone? Is it definitely unlocked?
Did the giffgaff sim work before the transfer day? Or didn't you try it?

What do you hear if you call your number from another phone?
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by: mheginbotham
on: 21/08/2015 | 20:06

When i call it i hear "welcome to giffgaff voicemail". Im not sure if its unlocked though. It was on tmobile before so maybe not. 


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